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Kristen & Dj’s Backyard Wedding in Duxbury, MA

August 18, 2014

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Kristen and DJ got married in Duxbury MA at the sweetest little white church, portraits with the ocean as their backdrop and a reception at the Schnibbe residence’s amazing cape style home in Duxbury. I met Kristen and watched as she opened a sweet gift from her groom-to-be and then headed down the road to meet with DJ and his closest friends. I arrived to the group barbequing, drinking whiskey, and listening to comedy (Adam Sandler) on youtube. They were a fun bunch! After the ceremony we drove to Bumpus Park for family and bridal pictures and it couldn’t have been a more lovely, sunny and breezy afternoon. Back at the Schnibbe Residence for the reception and Natalie from Whim Events did an AMAZING job making the reception tent and surrounding property look awesome! Delicious food, a Frank Sinatra Impersonator, and many songs and dances later it ended with delicious treats and an ice cream bar! What a lovely evening! Also it was a delight to work alongside Jodi Lott, so thanks for asking me to photograph with you! I hope you all enjoy the photos!
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