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Kirtsen & Pat- Chatham Bars Inn Wedding

August 25, 2014

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A beautiful sunny day on the beach and getting married on Cape Cod does it get any better than that? Add in the cutest couple, beloved friends and family, the ocean, the breeze and the epic clouds. I met Kirsten and her girls for some shots and then headed down the road to document Pat and the guys! They were such a fun bunch! Also I was so extremely excited to shoot alongside with Casey of Hello Love Photography on this day! I have admired her work for a few years and was honored that she chose me to shoot with her. I also felt blessed to witness the super moon, all in all it was a SUPER day! Chatham Bars Inn WeddingChatham Bars Inn WeddingChatham Bars Inn WeddingChatham Bars Inn WeddingOh Snap Photography_1076Oh Snap Photography_1077Oh Snap Photography_1078Oh Snap Photography_1079Oh Snap Photography_1080Oh Snap Photography_1081Oh Snap Photography_1082Oh Snap Photography_1083Oh Snap Photography_1084Oh Snap Photography_1085Oh Snap Photography_1086Oh Snap Photography_1087Oh Snap Photography_1088Chatham Bars Inn WeddingOh Snap Photography_1089Oh Snap Photography_1090Oh Snap Photography_1091Oh Snap Photography_1092Oh Snap Photography_1093Oh Snap Photography_1094Oh Snap Photography_1095Oh Snap Photography_1096Oh Snap Photography_1097Oh Snap Photography_1098Oh Snap Photography_1099Oh Snap Photography_1100Oh Snap Photography_1101Oh Snap Photography_1102Oh Snap Photography_1103Oh Snap Photography_1104Oh Snap Photography_1105Oh Snap Photography_1106Oh Snap Photography_1107Oh Snap Photography_1111Oh Snap Photography_1108Oh Snap Photography_1109Oh Snap Photography_1115Oh Snap Photography_1110Oh Snap Photography_1112Oh Snap Photography_1113Oh Snap Photography_1114Oh Snap Photography_1116Oh Snap Photography_1117Oh Snap Photography_1118Oh Snap Photography_1119Oh Snap Photography_1120Oh Snap Photography_1121Oh Snap Photography_1122Oh Snap Photography_1123Oh Snap Photography_1124Oh Snap Photography_1125Oh Snap Photography_1126Oh Snap Photography_1127Oh Snap Photography_1130Oh Snap Photography_1131Oh Snap Photography_1128Oh Snap Photography_1129




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