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Sherrie + Johnny – Hilton Back Bay, Boston

January 23, 2015

On September 20th , Sherrie + Johnny got married with a ceremony at Park Street Church in Boston and a reception at the Hilton in Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts. I loved this cultural Chinese Wedding.

My favorite things about Sherrie + Johnnys wedding were:

  • Their sweet first look. Johnny wore a sleep mask and waited at one end of their adjoining hotel room as Sherrie came in and took the mask off his face. It was so sweet to see his face in seeing his bride to be for the first time. Those first few minutes it was as if no one else existed but them.
  • We made two trips to the Public Garden for pictures. Once for bridal and couple photos before their ceremony and again after the ceremony for images with their families.
  • Before their reception Sherrie + Johnny took part in a traditional tea ceremony with their parents and grandparents. I was honored to witness such an age old tradition. It was my first time photographing a tea ceremony.
  • I really loved all the little details they both put into their day! I especially loved their cake topper, as a dog lover myself.
    Thank you Sherrie + Johnny! I was honored to be your Back Bay Boston, Massachusetts wedding photographer.
    A special thanks to Jessica Pegg of Jessica Pegg Photography for inviting me to help you with this wedding. It was great to work with you!Oh Snap Photography_1339Oh Snap Photography_1340Oh Snap Photography_1341Oh Snap Photography_1342Oh Snap Photography_1343Oh Snap Photography_1344Oh Snap Photography_1345Oh Snap Photography_1346Oh Snap Photography_1347Oh Snap Photography_1348Oh Snap Photography_1349Oh Snap Photography_1350Oh Snap Photography_1351Oh Snap Photography_1352Oh Snap Photography_1353Oh Snap Photography_1354Oh Snap Photography_1355Oh Snap Photography_1356Oh Snap Photography_1357Oh Snap Photography_1358Oh Snap Photography_1359Oh Snap Photography_1360Oh Snap Photography_1361Oh Snap Photography_1362Oh Snap Photography_1363Oh Snap Photography_1364Oh Snap Photography_1365Oh Snap Photography_1366Oh Snap Photography_1367Oh Snap Photography_1368Oh Snap Photography_1369Oh Snap Photography_1370Oh Snap Photography_1371Oh Snap Photography_1372Oh Snap Photography_1373Oh Snap Photography_1374Oh Snap Photography_1375Oh Snap Photography_1376Oh Snap Photography_1377Oh Snap Photography_1378Oh Snap Photography_1379Oh Snap Photography_1380

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