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Josiah + Emily – Terrydiddle Farms

January 10, 2015

Filed in: Weddings

On August 31st , Josiah + Emily got married with a ceremony and a reception at Terrydiddle Farms in Rehobeth, Massachusetts. I loved this laid back farm wedding.

My favorite things about Josiah + Emily’s wedding were:

  • While Josiah + Emily were at their wedding alter they shared a very intimate recollection of how they had met and started dating. I was in awe at how they described their first impressions of each other; and how they alternated speaking about each other almost finishing each others sentences.
  • Many of the wedding guests came from all over the Unites States and some from other countries. Even though it was clear that not everyone knew each other the general vibe of the whole day was that everyone was one big family.
  • Although Josiah + Emily didn’t have a traditional ceremony; there was no grand entrance and no dancing it was such a fun and relaxing day! Everyone mingled with each other, played lawn games like big jenga and cornhole, sat in big tables under the twinkling lights and enjoyed each others company.
  • I really loved all the detail they both put into their day!
    Thank you Josiah + Emily! I was honored to be your Rehobeth, Massachusetts wedding photographer.
    A special thanks to Emily Ivey of Fresh Ivey Photography for inviting me to help you with this wedding. It was great to work with you!
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