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First look on your wedding day??- Joline Cameron Photography

January 4, 2017

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I am always an advocate for a First Look on a wedding day! What is a First Look you say? Well in case you don’t know or wanted more information a First Look is an intimate session between the two of you pre-ceremony where I help set a location for you to have time together. Hair and make-up are on point, dress and shoes and all details are PERFECT! Myself and my assistant photographer are photographing you from afar with long lenses as you take in a few moments to breath each other in, smile, laugh and kiss as you get excited about your wedding day!

Wedding days are jam packed with a couple in love that will get married, greet guests, mingle, have a first dance, dance with parents, eat, toast, cut the cake, have their bridal portraits, and portraits with bridal party and family. All of this happens in no less than 6 hours. It really goes by in a flash!

Having some intimate time for the two of you built into your day is really the best way to get those pre-ceremony jitters out! Don’t worry just because your significant other saw you pre-ceremony they will still be excited to see you walk down that aisle.¬†After the first look we take some time to create photos of just the two of you before joining family, friends and bridal party for portraits. Also having a first look ensures that you will be able to join your cocktail hour. As always I am hear to help you navigate your timeline and your wedding day so please feel free to ask me any questions you have about First Looks or any other part of the wedding day.

Photos shared are of one of my favorite first looks overlooking the ocean at Chatham Bars Inn from a few years ago. Enjoy!kirstenpat_0029kirstenpat_0030kirstenpat_0031kirstenpat_0033kirstenpat_0034kirstenpat_0035kirstenpat_0037kirstenpat_0038kirstenpat_0039kirstenpat_0040kirstenpat_0041kirstenpat_0042

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