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Zack + Sarah- Crane Estate Ipswich, MA

December 13, 2015

Filed in: Weddings

On September 25th, Zack + Sarah, had a wedding ceremony and reception at The Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA.

My favorite things about Zack + Sarah’s wedding were:

  • The theme of Zack and Sarah’s wedding was the Great Gatsby. All off the details were spot on and gorgeous; Whim Events did an AMAZING job creating the scene. Also just as awesome were Darling Creative and Posh and Prep Calligraphy who also played an intricate role in making sure the day went off without a hitch.
  • The Crane Estate as a venue. Can you say GORGEOUS?? Between the large estate home, the backyard that looks over the ocean, the statues, rolling hills and casino backdrop!
  • Zack and Sarah had a sweet first look on the front steps of the estate complete with a vintage Rolls Royce!
    Thank you Zack + Sarah! I was honored to be your Ipswich, Massachusetts wedding photographer.
    **warning this post has a LOT of photos**
    A super BIG thank you to my friend and talented photographer Katie Hammond of Sweet Lady Jane Photography for asking me to come along and photograph this wedding with you! I truly had a blast!
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