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Taylor + Jeff – Wayside Inn Wedding – Sudbury, MA

July 8, 2016

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On June 11th, Taylor + Jeffrey, had a intimate daytime wedding at Wayside Inn and portraits at the Grist Mill in Sudbury, MA. I started at the Wayside Inn with some photos of Taylor getting ready with her mother Anne and her twin sister and maid of honor Kasey. Hair and makeup did run a bit behind but Taylor was a well composed bride and didn’t sweat the short of amount of time for getting ready and for photos. Their was a threat for rain all day but Taylor could only focus on marrying the love of her life. The ceremony took place at Mary Martha Chapel where Taylor’s own mother and father had married at many years before. I loved that family was so important to Taylor and she chose a place that meant so much to her family for her own wedding. Seeing Jeff for the first time as she walked into that little white church and shedding a tear for this handsome man in his dress blues at the end of the aisle. I couldn’t help but shed a little tear myself at how sweet that moment was. It was a intimate and thoughtful ceremony with readings from both Kasey; Taylor’s twin sister and Jeffrey’s sister Shana as well. The newlyweds left the church to the theme of Star Wars played by the organist Scott Poole.

Afterwards the family and bridal party crossed the street to the Grist Mill for some bridal and family portraits. Soon after arriving it did start to lightly rain but we did manage to get through all the photos that Taylor and Jeffrey wanted of their family and friends. Both decided that portraits of the two of them together were very important and they made the executive decision to stay outside and brave the rain! I am so glad as not only did these two get some lovely portraits together but this only further proved that they were ready to weather anything together. The rain only lasted for a few minutes and then cleared up and we walked through the woods on the way back to the Wayside Inn where I was able to capture more fun portraits of them together and apart. After portraits were through we went back to the venue and they both got ready to be announced. Taylor and Jeffrey had their first dance as husband and wife to Louis Armstrong’s version of La Vie En Rose, where Jeff and taylor danced like their was no one in the room but them. After the dance there was heartfelt toasts by both Kasey and best man Mike who initially had introduced Jeffrey and Taylor to each other. It was a beautiful wedding and all of Taylor’s friends and family made both me and my second shooter Tiffany feel very welcome. Special thanks to my friend and colleague Tiffany Chapman for joining me of this day and helping me create timeless photos of this lovely couple.



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