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Meghan + George – The Definition of a Kick-ass Wedding

March 24, 2017

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Whenever friends ask me to document their lives whether that be on their wedding day, pictures of themselves or their families I get SO excited! Meghan and George were of one those very couples. I met Meghan and George through our mutual work volunteering with The Pug Rescue of New England and I felt an instant connection with them both. They are just about the nicest people you could EVER meet, and they are SO in love with each other that seeing them together gives me butterflies.

Meghan and George had the definition of a kick-ass wedding, it was not cookie cutter, had so many elements that were uniquely them and most of all was filled with so much LOVE. I started the day with George at the gazebo near Castle Island for a few photos while we waited for Meghan to arrive for a first look and them had some time for portraits of the two of them. Afterwards we hurried off to the venue to get family and friend photos before the majority of the guests arrived. As is typical of most every wedding I shoot we ran behind and Meghan and George had to hide in the kitchen before their ceremony.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason however and some of the photos that we took in the kitchen ended up being my favorites of the whole day!! Meghan and George are the type to roll with the punches and we had a lot of fun before their ceremony.

With a touching ceremony that started with Meghan and George walking down the aisle together and a tribute to Meghan’s late father there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they two said I do. Afterwards Meghan and George hugged and said hello to all their guests in the best type of receiving line and then shared dances before eating a pig roast. I was truly honored to be Meghan and George’s wedding photographer and I LOVE them both so very much!
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