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Megan + Scott – Cohasset Harbor Inn

October 9, 2016

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Megan + Scott were wed on a gorgeous and perfectly cloudy day at Cohasett Harbor Inn on Saturday September 10th. Megan is my sister Kathleen’s youngest daughter which makes her my niece. It is crazy to think back and remember her being born and holding her in the hospital and then now laughing with and celebrating her and Scott on her wedding day. The whole experience is very surreal. I started early on that Saturday afternoon at the Cohasset Harbor Inn as she and her eight bridesmaids gathered for hair, make-up and mimosas. The atmosphere was fun as everyone joked as they listening to country and dance music and Megan got emotional more than a few times before putting on her gorgeous New York Lace keyhole gown.

After Megan put on her dress she had a first look with her father in her bridal suite before heading down to her first look with her fiancee Scott. It was so hard to hold back the tears as both my sister and brother in law embraced their youngest daughter knowing that they would soon be giving her away at the upcoming ceremony. After seeing her father you could see the jittery pre-marriage feelings start to disappear and so we headed outside to meet up with Scott who was waiting outside on the dock adjacent to the Inn and was more than a little anxious to see his bride to be. I loved their excited faces after they saw each other all dressed up. We took some gorgeous shots of the two of them on the dock and then caravanned to the Scituate Lighthouse for Wedding Party Formals and Family Photos.

The ocean and clouds in the sky made for the perfect back drop for these two lovebirds and our rather large family and large bridal party. My incredible second shooter Lisa Gilbert made this part of my day SO much easier. As you can image getting that many family members to fit and look all at once is no easy task especially when a lot of the bridal party is young children 14 and under! We battled time and the setting sun and even had enough time for a quick stop at Museum Beach in Scituate for some sunset shots of the couple alone before heading back to the venue for the ceremony. I am SO glad we made time for that as those are some of my favorites of the whole day!

They were married under the twinkle lights on the Inn deck surrounded by their closest friends and family. It was a short and sweet ceremony which included two readings and vows the couple wrote especially for each other. The reception was a lot of fun with a great entrance by the couple and then a sweet first dance to die a happy man by Thomas Rhett followed by hilarious toasts by maid of honor Sarah who Megan met at her first nursing job and best man Brian who is Scott’s brother. It was really just the most amazing day! I am so happy that I could be there for Megan and Scott this way and its a day that I will never forget!

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Special thanks to:
My amazing second shooter Lisa Gilbert
Dress for bride – New York lace
Florist- Design Images
Makeup – Jessica stigh from the Beauty Room
Hair- Nicole from Armand salon and spa
DJ – Dave Conley from cape tunes
Cake – Konditor Meister
Videographer- Babble films

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