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Kristin + Alex – Josias River Farm, Cape Neddick Maine

October 14, 2015

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On September 12th, Kristin + Alex, had a wedding ceremony and reception at Josias River Farm in Cape Neddick, Maine.

My favorite things about Kristin + Alex’s wedding were:

  • Josias River Farm as a venue. The owners Richard and Nancy Schmid are just about the nicest owners and went above and beyond for Kristin + Alex. A big beautiful farm, apple orchard, wildflower garden and how can you go wrong with baby goats!
  • Kristin and Alex’s ceremony was so touching. The love between these two words cant even express. From the moment they first saw each other to their emotional vows and all the kisses they snuck each other, I was crying right along with these two lovebirds!
  • What a blast their reception was! Delicious BBQ food, a star filled sky, cupcakes, closest friends and family dancing the night away. I couldn’t stop smiling that whole night as I was welcomed by everyone and truly had a blast!
    Thank you Kristin + Alex! I was honored to be your Cape Neddick, Maine wedding photographer.
    **warning this post has a LOT of photos**
    A super BIG thank you to my friend and talented photographer Madeline Barr for helping me document this couples special day!
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