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Kerri + Christopher – Seekonk Engagement Session

August 24, 2016

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Kerri and Christopher had their engagement session last weekend at Christopher’s high school football field with their adorable dog Dallas and then at Caratunk Wildlife Refuge for some photos of just the two of them. I knew the minute I first met Kerri and Christopher that they were totally a couple whose wedding I would love to photograph. You know you jive with someone when you spend over an hour chatting about life, dogs and weddings. Kerri and Christopher are getting married next September but knew they wanted to have their engagement photos this year so that they could create a fun save the date card for their wedding guests. Kerri and Christopher had Patriots t-shirts made with Christopher’s last name and their wedding date on them so naturally we both knew going to Christopher’s high school football field made perfect sense. This also meant they could bring their dog Dallas and since she is such an important part of their lives it also made sense.

Dallas is a very special part of their lives and was born from a union that Kerri’s late brother Matt’s pitbull Braxton and a friends dog. In some small way it was like having Matt there with them which I knew meant a lot to Kerri. Christopher and Kerri are very much in love and that just makes my heart so warm. I love what Kerri and Christopher had to say to me about when they knew that they had fallen in love ( it is secretly my favorite question to ask and know about two people). Christopher said: “I think things were all starting to click around the time we decided to move in together. When we got Dallas, I got a glimpse of what life would look like if we were to start a family and a life together. It wasn’t until a little later I realized, we already had.” and Kerri’s response even cuter: “I would have to say that it started a little before that for me. I am a hopeless romantic with an anxious mind and Chris was the type of person that I never knew I needed. I realized how patient and loving he is and he made it all too easy to fall in love with him. It also solidified it for me when I saw not only how much Matt liked him, but how much he loved him for me.”

I hope you enjoy this glimpse at the love between these two! I can’t wait for your September 3rd wedding in Portland Maine next year guys! Joline Cameron Photography_2502Joline Cameron Photography_2503Joline Cameron Photography_2504Joline Cameron Photography_2505Joline Cameron Photography_2506Joline Cameron Photography_2507Joline Cameron Photography_2508Joline Cameron Photography_2509Joline Cameron Photography_2510Joline Cameron Photography_2511Joline Cameron Photography_2512Joline Cameron Photography_2513Joline Cameron Photography_2514Joline Cameron Photography_2515Joline Cameron Photography_2516Joline Cameron Photography_2517Joline Cameron Photography_2518Joline Cameron Photography_2519Joline Cameron Photography_2520Joline Cameron Photography_2521Joline Cameron Photography_2522Joline Cameron Photography_2524Joline Cameron Photography_2523Joline Cameron Photography_2525Joline Cameron Photography_2526Joline Cameron Photography_2527Joline Cameron Photography_2528Joline Cameron Photography_2529Joline Cameron Photography_2530Joline Cameron Photography_2531Joline Cameron Photography_2532Joline Cameron Photography_2533Joline Cameron Photography_2534

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