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Jen + Ethan – Newagen Seaside Inn, Southport ME

March 13, 2015

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On October 4th , Jen + Ethan got married with a ceremony and a reception at the Newagen Seaside Inn in Southport, Maine. I loved this seaside, foggy, detail filled coastal wedding.

My favorite things about Jen + Ethan’s wedding were:

  • I got to spend considerable time with the groom Ethan with his groomsmen and photograph them hanging out before the ceremony. Ethan has been friends with most of his guys since high school and college and I loved how at ease they made him feel before he married his best friend Jen.
  • Ethan gave his groomsmen very thoughtful gifts for participating in his wedding. I loved watching them bond over the shared beer in their new tin cups, help each other put on the matching watches and initialed tie clips.
  • Jen + Ethan enlisted the help of Emily from mStarr Events to put together an unforgettable evening. Emily blew this wedding out of the park. I loved all her hard work and all of the little details. It was great to see how excited Jenn + Ethan were when they first saw their wedding ideas come to life!
  • We were able to sneak away to the end of the road for some bride + groom portraits before the party. Jenn + Ethan got some much needed private moments with each other with the Maine ocean and fog behind them.
  • Jenn + Ethan’s love for each other shined through and made the whole wedding experience so much fun!
    Thank you Jenn + Ethan! I was honored to be your Southport, Maine wedding photographer.
    A special thanks to Casey Strzyzewski Harrison of Hello Love Photography for inviting me to help you with this wedding. It is always a pleasure to work with you! Maine weddings rock!
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