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Heirloom Albums with Madera Books

June 6, 2018

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Heirloom Albums with Madera Books:

Oh my goodness I have been getting so excited to share this heirloom album from Madera Books that I delivered recently. Now that I know that Juliana and Chris have their heirloom album in their hands I can share with you just how AMAZING it came out!  First of all their wedding was an absolute BLAST; so naturally when it came time to design their album I had a lot of fun creating a representation of their epic day! Even more amazing was how much this couple loved my design! Sometimes when I design albums clients have little tweaks AND sometimes I get an email that says I love it, no changes, send it to print! Check out that awesome sauce! This album was worth every penny and the wait for it to get to me and then to the couple.

I really LOVE Madera Books and I am so happy that three years ago I found them and took a leap of faith to add them to my business! I did a lot of research before finding a company that works for my business model and has products that I feel passionate about. But really I have SO much love for this company! They make incredible heirloom albums that are works of art and have the best dang customer service. Whenever I have a question or a concern it gets answered in record time. Its so important to me to have respect that this wonderful company has my back and I can trust that there products will come to me looking like a million bucks. It helps me to focus on being a business owner and photographer and gets me excited to share my work with my clients in a more tangible way. So weddings albums are probably my favorite product to deliver after the wedding, but I bet you couldn’t guess that from how fired up I get about them? Year after year I try to educate my clients on how important it is to have tangible products from your wedding day.

I can go on and on about how much wedding albums mean to me but I will let the work speak for itself. I mean am I right? Check this baby out!

It’s never too late to order a wedding album, Contact me if you are interested!

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