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Brandon + Heather – Apple Hill Farm, Leominster, MA

January 2, 2016

Filed in: Weddings

On October 23rd, Brandon + Heather, had a fall wedding ceremony and reception at Apple Hill Farm and Country Club in Leominster, MA.

My favorite things about Brandon + Heather’s wedding were:

  • Heather and Brandon had an adorable first look by the piano in the hotel , the couple both have a deep love for music so it fit them perfectly!
  • We had 45 minutes for portraits of the two of them and it was SO dreamy. It is unheard of to get that much time and it allowed for a lot of great locations including in the orchard and near the vintage farm truck.
  • Apple Hill Farms is such a great venue. There are so many great places to photograph it is really a dream place. Brandon and Heather did an awesome job decorating it, full of musical details it was so them!
    A super BIG thank you to my friend and talented photographer Julie Surette Photography for asking me to come along and photograph this super fun wedding with you!
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  1. Cristina says:

    Beautiful photos! You captured so many great moments and details. I love the bokeh you achieved under the trees!

  2. Bethanne says:

    Such pretty bouquets!

  3. Sasha Taylor says:

    Looks like a fun wedding! Gorgeous images! 🙂

  4. Tiffany C says:

    Love all of these images. Nice job!

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