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Betsy + Matt – Ocean Edge Resort

February 7, 2015

On September 19th , Betsy + Matt got married with a ceremony at Our Lady of the Cape in Brewster and a reception at the Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster, Massachusetts. I loved this fun, emotional beach  Wedding.

My favorite things about Betsy + Matt’s wedding were:

  • I got to spend considerable time with the groom Matt with his groomsmen and photograph them hanging out before the ceremony. Matt has been friends with most of his guys since high school and college and I loved how silly they were as they took Matt’s very nervous mind off marrying his best friend.
  • Betsy and her family are VERY close and I loved the little moments I captured with her dad and two sisters.
  • We made a trek to the ocean and even though it was chilly and windy, Betsy + her girls handled the low temperatures like champs.
  • The bridesmaids and the groomsmen they walked with all made quite their own individual entrance into the reception. I have to say my favorite entrance was the Right Said Fred “I’m too sexy”, where Matt’s groomsmen ripped off his dress shirt to reveal a belly shirt underneath that read BOYS. All the entrances really got the crowd ready for the party ahead!
  • Betsy + Matt’s love for each other and how much they both made each other laugh through the whole wedding!
    Thank you Betsy + Matt! I was honored to be your Brewster, Massachusetts wedding photographer.
    A special thanks to Angela Greenlaw of Greenlaw Photo for inviting me to help you with this wedding. It was great to work with you!Oh Snap Photography_1395Oh Snap Photography_1396Oh Snap Photography_1397Oh Snap Photography_1398Oh Snap Photography_1400Oh Snap Photography_1399Oh Snap Photography_1401Oh Snap Photography_1402Oh Snap Photography_1403Oh Snap Photography_1404Oh Snap Photography_1405Oh Snap Photography_1407Oh Snap Photography_1406Oh Snap Photography_1408Oh Snap Photography_1411Oh Snap Photography_1409Oh Snap Photography_1410Oh Snap Photography_1412Oh Snap Photography_1413Oh Snap Photography_1414Oh Snap Photography_1415Oh Snap Photography_1416Oh Snap Photography_1417Oh Snap Photography_1418Oh Snap Photography_1419Oh Snap Photography_1420Oh Snap Photography_1421Oh Snap Photography_1422Oh Snap Photography_1423Oh Snap Photography_1424Oh Snap Photography_1425Oh Snap Photography_1426Oh Snap Photography_1427Oh Snap Photography_1428Oh Snap Photography_1429Oh Snap Photography_1430Oh Snap Photography_1431Oh Snap Photography_1432

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