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Alicia + Mike- Medford Surprise Wedding

February 21, 2015

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On January 24th, Alicia + Mike got married in the funnest way possible, a surprise wedding at their joint birthday party at their home in Medford, Massachusetts. They surprised 35+ plus friends and family members and it was truly such a intimate and fun night much like the both of them.

My favorite things about Alicia + Mike’s wedding were:

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing both Alica and Mike for almost two years so when they asked me to photograph their wedding I was beyond honored and thrilled. I just happened to capture Mike proposing to Alicia at the 5th Annual Pug Rescue of New England‘s 5k race; when I was there to document the day. In addition I have also photographed their three pugs Daisy, Otis and Toby for my pet photography business Two Pugs Studio and most recently photographed their holiday photo.
  • It was so humbling to come to their home and photograph their party/surprise wedding. All my work is hanging throughout their house and I truly felt like I was part of the experience not just the person that was there to capture it all.
  • There was about an hour of mingling, really good food and good conversation before Mike + Alicia got up to thank each and every person who came to their party, the last person they thanked just happened to be the friend who was going to marry them. I loved getting the reactions from their guests when they figured out they were suddenly attending a very personal wedding.
  • While Alicia and Mike went upstairs to get ready for the ceremony friends and family were encouraged to write little notes of wedding wishes to the couple. During the ceremony there was a chance for your well wishes to be read. It was so great to hear the funny, sweet, hilarious nuggets of wisdom that were shared. The person that shared the blessing held a glass of wine with the intention that their wish would be blessing the wine. After all the wishes were shared Alicia + Mike drank from the blessed wine glass.
  • I felt so honored to cry, laugh and be a part of this whole experience. It’s something I will never forget.
    After Alicia and Mike received their pictures I received the BEST email from her that perfectly describes what I want to accomplish as a wedding photographer: HOLY CRAP!!!!  I LOVE THEM!!!!! I just scrolled through them a few times and I love how you captured the spirit of the night.  I know that sounds corny but it truly describes how awesome these pictures are!  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you Alicia + Mike! I was honored to be your Medford, Massachusetts wedding photographer.
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